“My favorite content is the Prime Creator channelings. As an individual with a life mission and entity purpose centered entirely on Prime Creator/First Source, I am pleased and greatly served in being able to partake in the frequencies of Prime Creator through your service as a channel. I sincerely appreciate the work that you do and the beauty that you share with us all.” ~Andrew Palmer, Sacred Creator

“Feeling the love of the group is just awesome.  Susie has a depth of experience guiding us in finding our true path and  eliminating blocks to success.  Her intuition has been key to helping me discover critical aspects of myself. In the past, I’ve been stuck in relationships not in alignment with myself and through Susie’s guidance and the support of the group, I’ve learned tools & practices to help me get unstuck and reach a new level in my personal mastery.  Support and validation from the group has helped me feel safe & supported and not alone. I’ve also learned new healing practices from other members of the group and am grateful for their helpful loving insights. What a gift. Thank you Susie!”  ~J. A., Master Creator

“Before I met Susie I was in deep anxiety and depression. I couldn’t find a way out on my own. I had a tremendous lack of self-confidence, I was constantly scared and afraid of life itself and I didn’t know my true purpose on this planet. The Master Creator gathering gives me an opportunity to find out how to navigate in this world and creates a closer connection with an amazing galactic community. Subscribing to the Master Creator group was the best thing that happened in my life so far! Susie is a person with a pure crystal heart. Her pure energy, magnificent high vibrations, and clear unique guidance showed me how to heal my inner issues and put my separate pieces together. Susie is an amazing spiritual teacher, who will show you how to connect with your own energy, be whole again and will teach you how to find joy, love, and happiness in your life. She will help you restore your spiritual powers, so you can shine bright like never before!” ~Grzegorz Gunia, Master Creator

“I am so Grateful to be in this group, so many new things are coming my way. I am now aware of different triggers that zap my sparkle, but when I do see it I bring myself back to a space of pure love. Thank you so much. Namaste.” ~Nancy Tredway, Facebook group member

“I enjoy the camaraderie and being able to come together to talk about spiritual issues and life issues that we’re all facing. Coming together and sharing is a very powerful experience. Where I live it’s hard to find this type of group. It’s very therapeutic on a deep spiritual level. The ability to come together weekly is of great benefit to me and it’s priceless.” ~Mark Patton, Master Creator

“Since joining The Creation Temple®, I have activated some spiritual gifts (Light Language and psychic abilities), lost weight, experienced improved finances, improved my relationships, released fear, and so much more! My family remarks how much happier and calm I am and I feel renewed purpose in my life. I’m so grateful to have this level of support for my transformation!” ~Julia Weiss, Master Creator

“I really appreciate the work that we have done in The Creation Temple®. You’re a beautiful being and I feel that under your guidance I had the opportunity to expose some obscure issues into the light. I experienced healing and clarity and I’m very grateful for that.”  Much Love Damian Oneto!, Master Creator

Apply for a Scholarship:

Scholarship Application Creation Temple®

Empowering Creators of Heaven on Earth

The Creation Temple® is a sacred online space for deeply committed souls to receive grounded guidance and coaching. In our community we take practical steps forward towards our ascension while honoring and developing our spiritual gifts and the holistic body. As we profoundly nourish our beings, we navigate our rebirthing into our Higher Selves with ease, grace, and wisdom. Focused on similar timelines, we amplify our creations to manifest Heaven on Earth. We are sovereign and in love we travel together.

Those who join the Creation Temple® as a Master Creator receive:

  • Deep support for their ascension journey and creation process
  • Soul family and spiritual community connection
  • Personal interaction, guidance, & coaching with Susie
  • A safe non-judgmental space for expression and the development of emotional stability
  • Practical, grounded suggestions for everyday living on the spiritual journey
  • Deep healing & renewal
  • Guidance to Transcend Polarity™ so that you can contribute to the matrix rather than feeling controlled or limited by it
  • Empowerment to reclaim your Sovereignty so that you can create your life from a place of alignment
  • Support for your vision of Heaven on Earth
  • New Ascension codes and Light codes
  • Channeled messages from Prime Creator
  • More grace as you release and transmute what no longer serves you
  • Release old patterns and programs so that you can live a life of True Freedom
  • Live connection with Susie and receive the energetic signatures of Sedona and beyond

Vision Statement

Working with Aleyawah (Gaia’s purest and truest self or her I Am Presence), we bring form and substance to our Light Creations of the 5th dimensional reality. This allows something of form to penetrate the 3-D matrix of planet earth. In this way, our creations emerge into Heaven on Earth. Knowing that everything already exists, we combine our energies to manifest easy and graceful creations in an amplified field.


Free members receive channeling videos 1 week before YouTube release

Sacred Creators receive the latest cutting-edge DNA Activations, Meditations, Teachings and Guidance from Source for the spiritual path, DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ Meditation CD, and special channeled messages.

Royal Creators receive everything above plus ALL of the e-courses: “EmPath to Integration”, “Holistic Nutrition”, “Change your Food, Fuel your Life”, & “Create your Miracle”.

Master Creators receive everything above PLUS weekly online video gatherings for personalized guidance, coaching, and channeled messages.

Supreme Creators receive everything above PLUS a Private Session each month.

Site Content includes:

  • Over 15 meditations (Creation, Inner Child, Opening, Releasing, Clearing, Great Central Sun, Receiving, Nervous System Rewire, Integrating Rainbow Energies, Integrating with your Essence, Soul Breathing, Soul Rain)
  • DidgeriDeep Sound Healing CD
  • Binaural Beats (3 meditative pieces of music)
  • 10 DNA Activations
  • Journey to the Heart of the Violet Planet
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Channeled messages exclusive to this site (NOT on YouTube) especially for creators of Heaven on Earth
  • 3 E-courses: Holistic Nutrition, EmPath to Integration, Create your Miracle

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