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Let me help you THRIVE as you navigate your Ascension journey. Let’s create together!
I have multiple membership packages which include Meditations, DNA Activations, the EmPath to Integration course and even direct weekly access to me! Choose the membership that best supports you!

Community Playground

Master and Supreme Creators and I gather weekly via Zoom video to connect and rejuvenate our souls. We come together in beautiful acceptance and respect of each other as we share our struggles and intentions for what we’re creating. Receive coaching and guidance as needed during these gatherings. Ask your personal and public questions in the monthly Prime Creator channeling. Before joining our Inner Circle, read the 4 agreements by which we abide.

Healing Sanctuary

This is your sacred space, your sanctuary when times feel rough, or you simply want to kick back, relax, and recenter. Heal your Inner Child with Solveig’s Lullabies or one of the Inner Child Healings. Balance your brain with DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™. This is your virtual library for deep healing at the cellular level. There are dozens of meditations and healings from which you can choose when you enter the sanctuary.

Empowerment Portal

The spiritual journey has many twists and turns. This portal is your road map to help you navigate the unexpected events that inevitably turn up around each bend. Learn how to free yourself from the central banking system with debt elimination (100% legal). Discover how to lay the foundation for your ascension path by being with your Soul Essence. Set healthy boundaries and revoke your consent to entities and vampiric energies.


Susie channels the Prime Creator energy for monthly energy forecasts and our understanding of current events (free membership). Your Sacred Creator subscription includes dozens of bonus transmissions from several beings including the Blue Dragons, The Council for Heaven as Earth, Gaia, Omri Tas, and the Maneirah Light Beings (Light language).
Soul Family
Access all free meditations and other free content. *You will receive email alerts when new free content is available. You can revoke your consent at any time to receive these alerts and your membership will be deleted.  SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO SEE ALL OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS!
Access all Prime Creator channeling videos not published on YouTube as well as dozens of additional channeling videos including the "Blue Dragon Transmissions", The Council for Heaven as Earth messages, the Maneirah Light Being transmissions, and more. New content added monthly.
Sacred Creators
You get access to the latest DNA Activations, Meditations, and Downloads (including PC channelings) from Source via Susie.
  • Dozens of meditations
  • DNA Activations
  • Both digital DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ albums
  • Solveig's Lullabies
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Blue Dragon Transmissions
Royal Creators
Access all Creation Temple® content
  • Holistic Nutrition e-course
  • EmPath to Integration e-course
  • Create your Miracle e-course
  • Dozens of meditations
  • DNA Activations
  • Both digital DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ albums
  • Solveig's Lullabies
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Blue Dragon Transmissions
Master Creator
You get it all!
  • Access the entire Creation Temple® with a Holistic Nutrition course, the EmPath to Integration course, the Create your Miracle course, meditations, and much more!
  • Be a participant in our weekly online gatherings. Receive support, coaching, channeled messages and more!
  • Get direct access to Susie every week via the Zoom application and connect with your Soul family.

Want to go all in?

Mentor 1:1 with Susie!

You get everything listed above PLUS 2 private sessions each month!