Are you ready to have the life your Soul & Heart desire?

You have unique talents, skills, and abilities. You are being called to step deeper into living your soul purpose and mission.

And, sometimes you just want someone to hold your hand, to give you guidance, to show you what’s possible and where you might be holding yourself back.


Or, perhaps you could use accountability, someone to lead you to your greatest potential and not allow you to stay stuck in the muck, someone to reflect back to you where you might be limiting yourself, so that you can expand beyond what you only dreamed you could do or be before.



  • Are READY to make a commitment to yourself and your mission

  • Need CLARITY about your next steps

  • DESIRE to transform yourself into the best version of you

  • Want to THRIVE as a deeply sensitive empath

I am your doula for your spiritual rebirth.

What happens when you transform and rebirth yourself?

Your entire reality changes.


∞ Your relationships improve ∞

∞ Your career is more fulfilling ∞

∞ You feel more prosperous ∞

∞ Your Living environment improves ∞

∞ Your health is restored ∞

∞ You know how to use your sensitivities as your ally ∞

If you don’t like where you are now in life or you just know that life can be a whole lot better for you, but you aren’t quite sure how to get there, it’s time to make a commitment to really change.


If you want to be seen, felt, heard, and deeply understood, I invite you to fill out the application.

“Susie’s channeling ability is a gift that has guided my path, reassured my heart, and led me to discover my own inner strength and wisdom. These sessions have changed my life for the better, and I’m grateful for her restorative and peaceful presence in my life. Thank you Susie.” ~Tryn Rose Seley 

Who am I to be your Spiritual Doula, Coach, and Guide?

As someone who has received mentoring from the same person for over 17 years, I know how priceless a relationship like this can be.
Having spent tens of $1000’s on my own spiritual path and mission, I know how important a deep investment like this truly is. Because I’ve been willing to “put it all on the line”, I have rebirthed myself many times over. (Growing up as a Mennonite and evolving into a spiritual teacher is no easy feat!)
I understand the transformation process intimately. I know what it takes to come out of the valleys stronger than when I went in. I know the courage and fortitude required to shine my Light. I walk with integrity, teaching you all I know because I live it every day and I encourage you to do the same. I am seasoned in working with clients and DEEP issues. I have gone where most do not dare to go and not much surprises me in terms of issues clients bring to the table.
I deeply understand what it is to be an ultra-sensitive Empath, and I can feel you, see you, and hear you to whatever depths you wish to see yourself.  I know when to bring the compassion and when to bring the activating fire! I know this life can feel hard sometimes and I want you to know that you are never alone. I am well versed in the mind/body/spirit connection. I understand your wiring and constitution as a sensitive human.
Having activated 1000’s of people into the next best version of themselves, it is now my desire to facilitate deep transformation for willing souls. I’m no longer fulfilled with activating alone. It would be my greatest honor to hold YOUR hand through your journey.
This mentorship is about becoming more of you and teaching you how to access your own guidance and wisdom for true, sustainable change. As your mentor, I set up a safe, sacred container of non-judgment, love, and acceptance for your transformation.
If you resonate with what I’ve shared and you’re ready to break free from limitation and truly stand up to be more abundant, more trusting, more engaged in this life, fill out the Mentorship with Susie Application. If I feel I can help you, we’ll set up a time for a video interview to get you started!

“Susie Beiler is a powerful space holder. She guided me through a life review process to heal my deep traumas from my childhood. The appropriate frequencies, codes, and rays of light were able to stream in to facilitate and activate core healing. She is a multidimensional facilitator grounded in love and service for humanity.” ~Kay Moonstar

What’s Inside the Mentorship?


As part of your mentorship, you will receive full support which includes:


*2 private 1 hour sessions each month

*A  Master Creator membership in The Creation Temple®

*Unlimited email support except on Sundays

*Energetic support 24/7 as the energy of being in the container never stops working for you


***More details included in the Mentorship with Susie Application.

This is for you if…

∆ You are 100% committed to moving forward and making sustainable progress on your spiritual path
∆ You are ready to receive the nourishing support you deserve
∆ You want to activate and use your spiritual gifts and sensitivities in your everyday life
∆ You long to be truly seen, heard, felt, and understood with love and acceptance as the amazing person that you are
∆ You are finally ready to claim this moment as YOUR TIME & do whatever it takes to create your breakthrough

This is NOT for you if…

Your life is already fantastic and you don’t want to make it any better than it already is

“I highly recommend Susie’s work.  She is fully in integrity and is a very clear channel.” ~Valerie Irons

It’s YOUR Time to Create your Beautiful Life