170612 Considerations for Ascension, Veganism, Vegetarianism & Omnivorism

170608 Manifesting According to Your Highest Alignments

170515 Expansion & Contraction – How to Maintain a State of Expansion

170510 Healers and Lightworkers – Important Considerations When Doing Your Service

170426 Creation Temple Retreat – Behind the Scenes

170415 Continuing the “New Age” Conversation

170414 Christians Awakening to the “New Age”

170414 Find Your Freedom!

170407 Meditation Activation for Syria and for Self

170401 Are you with your Energy? A Meditative Activation for Sensitive Lightworker

170214 How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day Ever with Self-Love

170209 Evolving Beyond Spiritual Tools

1Growing Younger and Longevity

161208 How to Honor your Body with your Food Choices

161123 Gratitude

161128 System Reset for Empathic Lightworkers

161117 How to Release and Surrender

161115 How to Maintain your FOCUS

161109 What is Most Important Right Now

161106 Why you are Here on Earth

161102 How to Stay on the Planet Part 2

161102 How to Stay on the Planet

161026 Are You a Member of the Council for Heaven as Earth?

161023 From Victim to Empowered

161019 Energy Assistance & Toning