EmPath to Integration™ Course

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Empowerment Guidance to Liberate yourself from Sensitivity Overwhelm

Are you tired of feeling too much? Are you confused about which energy is yours and which is “other”? Do you struggle with the overwhelming amount of stimulation to your nervous system every day? You are not alone. I get it 100% and I am your guide to finally being empowered in your everyday life as a sensitive being! I have created this course for YOU so that you can thrive!

Here’s what students are saying about the course:

“Finally someone is speaking to me, all related topics discussed in one place. I have suffered in all the areas that you discuss in this course. THIS IS THE BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER PURCHASED or BEEN PART OF. Thank you for ‘keeping it simple’ and ‘to the point’. ~Sivakumar Nurani

“I highly recommend this course to any Empath, Susie is a natural teacher. Even as someone who has Mastered many aspects of being an Empath I found new ideas on how to integrate tools such as The Violet Flame in ways I had never considered. Very thorough and well put together course. Covers many topics simply and effectively, giving us practical tools to use. I LOVED this course and will be re watching these videos. Thank you Susie for putting this together” ~Lisa Darney

Are you ready to step into your power and harness the gift of your sensitive nature?

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As as cherished student in the course, you will get:

  • Lifetime access to 25 videos (2-15 minutes in length, each) that you can view 24/7 at your convenience and at your own pace
  • Foundational modules covering basic tools and techniques
  • Mastery modules that dive deeper into certain areas – such as navigating a sensitive digestive system, integrating soul aspects, and how to feel through the emotions that come up as you release what no longer serves you
  • Videos and PDF downloads to help you implement all of the course material
  • An online forum where you can ask questions as you go through the course material, and connect with other Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths

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  • DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Meditation CD: Healing voice and didgeridoo frequencies soothe your emotional field, align your chakras, and balance the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This CD helps create circuitry and nervous system wiring that supports your sensitivities so they are no longer a distraction, but a strength!

  • Journey to the Heart of the Violet Planet: Transporting meditation that takes you to the heart of the Violet Planet using the Violet Flame, helping you release and transmute anything that does not support your Highest Good.


Course Details

This e-course is your effective empowerment tool to liberate yourself from the overwhelm of feeling too much so that you can thrive and finally experience a fulfilling life.

EmPath to Integration is designed for you no matter where you are on your journey. This is an e-course which you can study on your own time, whether you are new or a master. Specifically it assists beginners to understand themselves, intermediates to practice mastery, and advanced students to fine tune their skills.

Depending upon your learning style and current integration of course concepts, the course will take you 1- 6 months to review and implement. This course is a journey. It is not like a computer course where you learn step 1, step 2, and step 3. Rather, the material flows back and forth among the modules, inviting you to engage in the topics that are most relevant for you. Every time you engage with the videos or the questions for self-exploration, you gain a new level of integration with the teachings.

As your instructor, I will be available to support you via the online interaction portion of the course. You are invited to ask your questions and share your struggles to gain support from myself and the student community in the course discussion board. You have access to your course and the discussion board 24/7.

If you are ready to find freedom and even pleasure as a Sensitive Being and do the inner work required to find acceptance and peace as an Empath, this course will delight and refresh you.
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