Boost Your Soul Power!

Virtual Retreat

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Join me, Susie Beiler, your host in the Soul Power Symposium, for a 2-day online retreat!


  • Learn innovative ways to power up your soul

  • Discover soul empowerment strategies that fit your lifestyle

  • Receive personalized coaching to execute your Soul Mission

  • Resurrect childhood dreams and visions

This is for you if you…


  • Want to get clarity about the next steps you need to take to create your life of freedom

  • Desire to gain a deeper understanding about who you are and why you’re here

  • Are ready to embody your Soul Essence

  • Want to receive self-healing from your Soul

“Thank you Susie/Prime Creator for a once in lifetime opportunity to discover things about my soul’s journey.  Since speaking with you and PC I have noticed that I have become more creative which has been an area of my life where I have been stuck.  I can’t imagine anyone who would not enjoy learning about why their soul incarnated at this time and what their soul experienced before coming.” ~Lizzie P.

Saturday September 10th Schedule (PST)


Opening Meditation/Ceremony

Embody your Soul Essence/Self-healing


Why are you here? Channeled messages and childhood dreams

Evening Session

On your own with homework

Sunday September 11th (PST)


What’s in your way of living your Soul Mission?

Breaking through limiting beliefs


Boosting your Power

Integrating the weekend

Closing Ceremony

Boost Your Soul Power Retreat $444

Retreat + 1 - hour 1:1 Session $669

All Retreat participants will sign a waiver. Download it here. Soul Power Retreat Waiver

Then send it to [email protected]

“Before I met Susie I was in deep anxiety and depression. I couldn’t find a way out on my own. I had a tremendous lack of self-confidence, I was constantly scared and afraid of life itself and I didn’t know my true purpose on this planet. Susie is an amazing spiritual teacher, who will show you how to connect with your own energy, be whole again and will teach you how to find joy, love, and happiness in your life. She will help you restore your spiritual powers, so you can shine bright like never before!” ~Grzegorz Gunia