DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ at Urban Wellness in Phoenix

Wednesday November 6th (PM)

DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ is a unique healing modality channeled through Susie’s voice and didgeridoo. The sounds and energies channeled through this modality raise the frequency of your cells, assisting your body to heal itself. These frequencies may also help you integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balance masculine and feminine energy in your body, release stuck energies, and align and promote your systems of energy flow in your body. If you are ready to release what no longer serves you, so that you can focus your energy on creating your soul desires, this unique event is for you!

Larene Frei (U.S.) DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ Event

“Super cool, Susie, thank you! I am still feeling amazing. The pain is still nearly gone. I’ve listened to the cd once to boost things along. I did a huge amount of clearing, releasing, and coming to an understanding of myself last weekend, and your music was probably the biggest part of it all for me. Definitely with helping the pain! Thank you again!”  ~Larene Frei

Doors open at 6:15 and will be locked at the event start time at 6:30pm and walk-ins will not be accepted after this time in order to preserve the Sacred container of this healing event.

$33 paid in advance (Type the number of tickets you want in the box below and then click the “add to cart” button.

$44 at the door