Light vs Shadow & How The Dark Serves the Light

Project Title: Light vs Shadow & How The Dark Serves the Light

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Date: February 25th, 2018

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Susie Hello happy Sunday everyone. Here’s Max. It’s always fun to do with Max. So we were talking earlier we get into these deep high-level discussions about things and in another video I shared about what’s happening right now on the planet and how you know the light is shining upon the shadow and it looks like chaos but really it’s just the light shining upon the shadow and so we’re seeing everything that was once hidden and this is actually a good thing. So that video is on YouTube you can watch that if you like. But we got into this discussion today about what’s actually happening from this perspective where it’s affecting us in the collective and and what we need to do to heal so that we can move forward. So I’d like to chat a little bit with you guys about that.

Max: Yeah so um where do you want to start? Do you want to start how like the light and dark or unity and polarity?

Susie: Yeah well so I can share some examples of what I mean by this whole conversation. I know like I feel like I’m not giving it a good foundation for this conversation but…

Max: So what was what was the example of something you feel but because you said healing whatever you feel discomfort around.

Susie: So there’s there’s some dissonance that is coming up for people as the shadows being revealed as the dark is being revealed and for me personally I remember when I came out of source and into more form where I felt like I wasn’t doing a good enough job because I was limited by form where you know and source you’re unlimited. And those patterns still play out for me today if I’m not you know if I’m not aware if I’m not careful. So that’s that’s this example of dissonance and how the shadow is serving us actually because it’s it’s showing us it’s showing us what we need to heal and where we need to heal.

Max: So let’s talk about that.

Susie: Yeah let’s talk  about it.

Max: So in unity consciousness in oneness the sort of the idea of what people share acting as one in one resonance in one creation is sort of following that pattern of the Flower of Life right everyone’s connected at their centers all operates as one and there’s resonance and harmony and that’s heaven right. So from that experience that being sort of where souls began you know exploring this initial exploration of duality coming from from unity to duality we just did the same thing that we knew how to navigate experience right. We followed the same pattern right. So the same sort of structure each connected at their center each creating. The issue with duality is that in that experience each of us have individual creation resonances right. So
for myself I want to create something different than this person and this person wants to create something different than this other person but we’re all sharing a co-creation we’re all sharing the same space. So in that in our you know first coming into polarity everyone’s in full expansion, full power, all this light and energy and creation all at once in the shared space and what happens is everything clashes right. Because we’re sharing you know this finite space with these really powerful creations.

Susie: And that’s what we’re really seeing right now on the planet is the clash. All the creations that haven’t worked in harmony.

Max: So in that in that space there is this dissonance of energy when each is standing in this pure knowing and power there’s this dissonance that rattles your very essence. And Susie experienced that very directly. Susie: Yeah so I’ll share a little bit about that. So and I as I share this I just want to extend that you may be feeling the dissonance as well and not even realize that that’s what you’re feeling. You may be feeling rattled to your core and not realize that you’re actually feeling the dissonance of all the clashing creations on the planet right now and in the universe too it’s not just a planetary thing so…

Max: And Beyond. Sure how far I’ll do wanna go right 05:14. So recently Max shared something with me that was very much his truth and I could very much feel that he was standing in his truth it was totally like a line for him his truth very solid very grounded and it wasn’t my truth. And I in my truth was very I probably wasn’t as grounded with it as he was in his because I’m an empath and I like feel all the stuff so it you know shakes me a little bit. But I felt to my core just rattled that’s a great word for it. It just like shook me and it was because I felt so much dissonance because my truth was very very different than yours like opposite. So you know I mean you don’t get much more dissonant than that right and so it was like okay how do I support him in his truth and stay centered in my heart with my truth. It was a very challenging and it just brought to light you know that’s kind of what we’re doing on the planet right now. Us as light workers we’re standing in our truth what we know we’re creating what we know is possible yeah and meanwhile all around us we see craziness and and school shootings and you know all the stuff that’s happening and it’s like whoa! Am I really you know creating what I think I’m creating? How is it possible for me to create something of light when all of this is happening around me?

Max: So now with that perspective coming back to the earlier conversation, how this rattling of the very core of our essence each of us in that initial experience of everyone simultaneously in this full powerful creation mode rattled each other and that was probably very very traumatic I mean like you think about how how much in oneness there is there is connectedness and harmony with with each with one another and then to see what your creations have done to each other in that rattling of everyone’s essence and that’s a very like oh my goodness what do we do? Right?

Susie: And yeah and that’s what we’re that’s our job right now to heal our cellular trauma. From anytime we played the the shadow role or anytime we play the light role and we’re harmed by the shadow either way we need to heal all of that at the cellular level.

Max: Or we were rattled by the dissonance.

Susie: Or yeah or we were rattled by the dissonance coming from source or coming from the shadow into the light. Coming out of source and into form or coming out of you know a dark universe into the light and like you know just being blasted with the light and the dissonance that created. So this stuff is you know it may be playing out in your life now and you may be seeing you know those patterns show up in your life today and the cause is likely you know eons 08:34 of time ago.

Max: So how the dark is serving the lights? In this conversation so in this space of you know we’ve all come into polarity and we all have this dissonance going on and we’re all rattled and it’s like very traumatic right. So however many souls choose to play the role as a temporary solution was to constrict and suppress each other until there was only one or a few creating and so there was some form of harmony and some form of order and structure.

Susie: He’s talking about the Cabal just in case you’re not aware of that.

Max: And so and so that gave even though it was you know an engagement that was uncomfortable and something that causes a lot of suffering. It was more manageable than that dissonance of being rattled of being unable to function on you know like it’s it gave at least some stability. And so in that temporary solution you know they are serving the light being that they’re holding back this great mass pandemonium of creation until we can figure out how to do this harmoniously right. So in a way they are kind of waiting on us they are the ones asking us for help whether you know I don’t know their perspective is if they still have that understanding. And so that is how how those two roles are dancing together they’re not it’s not truly light and dark it’s that within how things are structured that is what is most stable and and resonant until we can create something more harmonious and resonant. And so…

Susie: Everybody take a deep breath this is where we’re gonna tell stuff. I know it’s hard for some people to accept and allow that the beings playing the shadow role right now are actually serving us. Can we talk about that a little bit more? And how acceptance and allowance is not the same as complacency. It doesn’t mean that we just let them do their thing and we just sit back and watch it all unfold we have a role to actively play? What would you say to someone who is saying really want us to accept and have gratitude for the Cabal for what they’re doing? How would you respond to that?

Max: Well to to obviously this whole conversation how we understand what that constriction and suppression is serving right? Not only in showing how you know what we don’t want what doesn’t resonate what is you know in that but also how to to rise above these situations and still choose what is what is integrity with our divinity right. So the in that way it serves and also holding back this great amount of dissonance. Now there is…

Susie: Which gives us a sense of safety.

Max: Right so so there is also depending on depending on your path and what you’re choosing there is sort of like this how would you say individuals that choose to go back to unity all right. So there’s polarity there’s discomfort there’s there’s mastery of letting all that go and then there’s transition back to unity right. And so that you know looks like the process of letting go of you know all these dense energies and transmuting all these things and such. And there are others that try to master polarity and manifest their visions and end up often doing it at the costs of others right. So they’re wielding the light and the dark because that is the encompassing energy in polarity not just a light not just the dark to wheel both 13:19. And that often ends up being convoluted and out of integrity with our wholeness and divinity right. So that is another path that some choose and then others try to isolate themselves from everything and simply build a bubble of only than they’re their own essence and resonance and light. And so these are sort of three different main paths that individuals choose to navigate from being in polarity. And what I’m you know from my idea, my perspective is to navigate it a fourth way, a different way and that’s to actually change the structure right. To change the structure of duality so that there are harmonious spaces for unity, harmonious spaces for the the duality light and for the duality darkness right. So so the light in in unity and then the light so there’s a distinction there. And so this restructuring would have the the shadow at the surface serving as a buffer for those resonant spaces right so that they’re not leaking into others creations right. So so it’s giving the shadow a harmonious role in in duality to allow unity and resonance in each our own creations in expression and experience.

Susie: Do you guys have questions about what he’s sharing? Because this is like for the mind to wrap around and just like wait what?

Max: So it’s a form of blossoming the flower of light. That’s what you referred to it. And so it’s it’s opening the center space of each of each portion of the flower.

Susie: Do you have do you have those drawings handy by any chance?

Max: Well it’s it’s thought you shared it on your Facebook.

Susie: Yeah but to show to show them now.

Max: I don’t know how to display images on this?

Susie: No I thought maybe you had some drawings like.

Max: Oh I haven’t printed any.

Susie: Okay so just a quick explanation. So the regular flower of life and then he’s drawn something where the the space is open in between each connection point and I call it the blooming flower of life because it’s like it’s opened up and I feel like when I look at those images I feel like the original flower of life has been holding the structure for us because we need some kind of structure as human beings you know being informed, being on this planet, being in density. We need this structure to kind of you know assist us and keep us safe and provide the structure for creation and all of that. And now we’re at a point where we can start to evolve beyond that like we’ve come into more mastery we don’t necessarily need this intense structure to to hold us and this blooming flower of life it’s when I look at it I can feel like this opening this expansiveness moving out of the original structure of the flower of life and into this evolved expanded state. And it’s pretty cool I encourage you to… I’ll try to find the pictures that Max has given me and post them in the comments after we’re done with this video so you can look. Just at the differences and see what you feel from it. Yeah.


Max: And and so that movement in in the geometry, in the structure is essentially each letting go of that center right and so this transition of letting go of how each has been bound together at the center point and allowing it to spread apart and allowing it to unveil what has been hidden behind that center point right. So it’s a form of opening that that door and so letting that true essence shine through that has been shut this whole time.

Susie: So the dark really serves us by showing us how to move back into unity. Max: Right and there’s you know there’s lots of lessons about how to how to create a manifest and wield you know energies of the light and dark and how that how that is sort of the encompassing energy in this expression of duality right. It’s not just light it’s not just dark but there’s also the part of balance which is what those who serve that that unity consciousness are bringing to this. So it’s not just about duality or not just about unity but it’s about bringing both together in harmony.

Susie: Yeah and so how do we do that? Through acceptance. Through finding the peace within ourselves moving into our hearts instead of operating from our minds and our judgments.

Max: Well operating from all of our selves.

Susie: Operating from all of ourselves like centered within our hearts.

Max: So so it’s you know aligning your your ego desires, with your heart desires, with your soul desires, with with your your intentions, with your focus, with your resonance, with your imagination, with with your breath all of it together not just one piece not just the best you know what you consider the best or the most delightful or this or that. But accepting all of your light and shadow and still choosing what is in integrity with yourself as divinity in that pure source state.

Susie: Yeah once you accept the shadow within yourself once you accept any darkness that you find within yourself. It’s much easier to look out into the word and be in acceptance… Oh Alex we love you too. Be an acceptance of what you see and the chaos and you know the disharmony that you see. So that’s really the place to start and as we alluded to earlier healing the dissonance within yourself because moving into unity is about accepting both the light and the dark, the shadow and the light and if you’re not okay with something shadowy you can’t transcend polarity. You can’t move back into unity back into source. And so that’s what I feel like my personal work is and then sharing with others how they can do that for themselves and you guys I talk about inner work all the time. If you’ve watched anything I’ve ever talked about before I’m always mentioning inner work. Because when you work on yourself, when you find those shadow aspects, when you embrace your light aspects, when you embrace all of it and do that inner work healing on your inner child, all of that is going to help you transcend polarity transcend the duality so that we can move back into unity we can start co-creating in a harmonized way. Even if my creations aren’t exactly matching up with yours it’s okay because I accept myself, I accept you as you are and that’s where the unity happens.

Max: Yeah and it’s allowing space that comes back to opening all those harmonious spaces. And so you know we’ll have moments where we come together and we share experience and some other things we may perceive and experience may be very different right and this is where it gets into you know oddities of linearity and and fination 21:26 where where what I you know external experience may become very different than what you externally experience. And that’s just because that power of manifesting has gotten to that level where it becomes very physicalized and it in order to remain harmonious it has to have those separate space separated spaces in those ways right. So it may only be a portion of certain external physical things that we share experience with such as you know the ground and you know maybe a house or a road or whatever and then other objects in our experience may be different right. And so that’s sort of how it gets into this interesting dilation of physicality and and how that harmony actually physicalizes all right.

Susie: So let’s talk practically you know Max and I live together. When we had the experience where I felt the dissonance one of the things I did was I took physical space and I said you know I can’t talk about this with you right now. I need to just be in my own space with this and and that’s what we did. And because he’s accepting of me and I’m accepting of him and we give each other our freedom it worked out beautifully. And then I was able to heal the dissonance and come back together and that’s all peachy keen. But that’s something to consider in your everyday life when you are experiencing dissonance with the creation of others to take space for yourself if you need it. Now if you’re someone that’s like has a really strong constitution and you’re not quite as sensitive and you can like stay in the room with other people that are having different creations that’s awesome that’s beautiful you know I bow to you. But if you’re anything like me who’s super-sensitive and you’re like feel like all the distance from everyone it’s okay to take a little space and to have your you know cocoon yourself for a little bit until you figure out how to heal you know the dissonance that you feel within.

Max: Now did you want to share we’ve been doing every day?

Susie: But first I want to I want to extend an invitation to light workers to you guys who are with us right now and watching this later to to really step into this work of accepting other light workers and their creations like that’s the place to start. Because you and I both know we see light worker bashing happening all the time. It’s true and it’s really disheartening for me because and look I’m not perfect but this I do practice this when I notice someone you know someone I would consider a light worker and they are creating something different than I am to like celebrate their creations and celebrate who they are and how they’re doing it and not judge it. And that’s if we want to come into unity if we want anything to change in this planet you guys it starts with us. We have to take responsibility for how we interact with others how we judge them or not how we accept them or not that’s where we need to start. You know first starting with yourself and then playing with other and co-creating with other light workers yeah.

Max: Yeah and that I mean the main sort of venue for a lot of people with that is compassion right. So putting yourself in their perspective having understanding of why they choose what they choose and you know allowing them to be at choice right. And so when you when you stand in that space of compassion it’s not about them being right or you being right or wrong right. It’s just understanding why they choose what they choose and understanding that it is their choice and that you choose what you choose right. And so that gives a much more stable foundation to engaging with others that have different creations.

Susie: Yeah yeah I can think of an example of another light worker who you know just totally can’t agree with what I’m doing and and sent me a message and told me this. I was like oh okay you know you choose what you choose and recently my guidance told me to give this person some money because they needed it and I was like okay so I contacted them and got their PayPal or whatever. For me that’s an example of you know they don’t like what I’m doing but that doesn’t matter, I see their heart and their intentions and that they’re pure and true and so if they’re they need help as a fellow human and I was guided to help I’m gonna do it. I’m not gonna like hold back from them because they don’t like me you know. So that’s what I’m talking about like these practical things accepting each other and supporting each other, building each other up. However you feel called 26:39 to do it that’s what needs to happen if we want to shift this thing. And we want to shift this thing right? Yay!

Max: So do you want end? 26:48

Susie: I think that’s a different topic in a different video but if your heart is feeling guided to share it we can.

Max: Oh well I just thought it was relevant because that’s sort of how this all came up was was standing in our truth, our knowing and our creations right and so each day we’ve been sharing our truth, our knowing and our creations right. Our creations light and in that more and more you know choosing to be of authority of our own experience right that we are you know standing in that truth that we are divinity right. And as divinity there’s nothing you know there’s nothing else to answer to but our own choices right and our choices as individuals, our choices as a collective right. Because as divinity that’s all there is right and then we create and then we come down into these experiences and we experience this limited portions of what we’ve created but it’s still us right. And so stepping back into that space of power and knowing that it is of choice right and choosing something different than what we experience here now right. And so and so I’ve been choosing you know very resonate creations with my heart, my soul, my knowing, my choices, my alignment of energy would have been focused on and Susie has been expressing hers and they’re different. But they have some similarities some crossovers right and allowing that space for each to express understanding their power and to as a human reclaim that divinity of self.

Susie: Everybody take a deep breath. How does it feel to reclaim your divinity? How does it feel how does it feel to create from your divinity? This whole conversation actually did come about because I was I felt some resistance as I started to go into what I was creating. You know I have this 500 million billion dollar vision. And in my from my heart it structured a certain way which excludes certain people or certain experiences. And if I’m if I’m about acceptance and inclusion like I was fine I was I experienced the dissonance within myself of my own creation. What’s so funny?

Max: Because you’re saying these words I’m about acceptance and inclusion and yet you’re in some ways you’re resisting…

Susie: I was doing it in myself.

Max: Well yeah you’re resisting the human condition of of having a finite experience. It’s ironic it’s really ironic.

Susie: So I had to sit with it for a while and really be okay with I have all this source energy flowing through and expressing through me and here I am as a human in this limited form and okay. How do i how do i transcend that polarity? Yeah so how do I do that? Max: Oh yeah lots of acceptance going on.

Susie: Yeah so let’s wrap this up so how does the dark serve ?

Max: How does the dark serve? It serves in in holding a a form of structure, of stability from this dissonance of these powerful creations until we replace it with something better right. So it is serving that sort of structure until we replace it right and it will still play a role but its role will be different.

Susie: And I do remember probably about a year ago now prime creator did share how we were creating a new harmonized matrix? Whether it would change our ability to co-create? Well there might be a dissonance I do remember that so that’s happening.

Max: Ye a h standing you to 31:29, stand in your knowing, stand in your divinity. Create what resonates with your truest depth of self and just know.

Susie: And any cellular trauma that comes up for you as you move through this find your wholeness in it heal it. Max: And allow everyone to have their own space and that means allowing yourself too. Susie: Yeah that’s the biggest one isn’t it.

Max: Allowing yourself to have space and harmony in your own creations not self-sacrificing right. Allowing others to have their creations not judging not having to reach that at they’re doing right and just shine your light.

Susie: By the way you guys I don’t know if you can see this with the lighting and her all kind of funky but this is u this is one of the pieces I made. One of the activator jewelry pieces this is transmuting the shadow there’s little rose quartz on here for transmuting the shadow. So that is I’m wearing it today but it is available for sale so if anyone wants it it’s 133 and you can go to or And let me know that it’s yours and 20% tide32:47 will go to David Hopkins and the building of his ark. So I just wanted to share that in case this belongs with one of you guys. Much love everyone thank you for being with us today thank you for being with me today. Max: Well thank you for inviting me. Susie: And thank you for being with myself.

Max: I thank myself being myself. No there is something about gratitude of self in fullness of self and integrity of self and so being aligned with all parts.

Susie: Absolutely yeah sometimes… Well sometimes we don’t want to recognize ourselves because it’s like I’m gonna stay humble you know that’s my thing anyway I don’t know it’s like God I just I don’t want to appear to like whatever I just you know and it’s like no I love myself thank you Susie for all that you do.

Max: Would you come back to this whole conversation?

Susie: I know. I know. I’m still learning you guys I’m on the journey with you I’m still learning.

Max: Do not let doubt dim your truth.

Susie: Yeah Amen. Shine as bright as you want and if you’re shininess brings up my shadow awesome then I get a chance to look at it.

Max: Be you willing to stand in your light even when the shadow is uncomfortable. Good thing.

Susie: All right love you guys thanks for being with us mwah. See you next video.

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