October Schedule: (Phoenix, Arizona time MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE, currently the same as PST)

  • 102 Monday the 8th at 4pm MST
  • 103 Saturday the 13th at 10am MST
  • 104 Monday the 22nd at 4pm MST
  • 105 Saturday the 27th at 10am MST

November Schedule: (Phoenix, Arizona time MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE, Note the Time Change with Daylight Savings!)

  • 106 Monday the 5th at 4pm MST
  • 107 Saturday the 10th at 10am MST
  • 108 Monday the 21st at 4pm MST
  • 109 Saturday the 24th at 10am MST

Tentative December Schedule: (Phoenix, Arizona time MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE)

*Please note that the December dates may change as I may take some time off in December. I have provided more than 48 sessions this year, which equals more than 4 gatherings/month.

  • 110 Monday the 3rd at 4pm MST
  • 111 Saturday the 8th at 10am MST
  • 112 Monday the 17th at 4pm MST
  • 113 Saturday the 22nd at 10am MST
  • 114 Monday the 31st at 4pm MST

***Replays will be available for members (Master Creators and Scholarship) who cannot make it live!

You will be given a link to click to join our online meeting. See you soon!

Agreements for our  online Gatherings:
1) We agree to maintain confidentiality of all that is shared within these meetings.
2) We agree to hold sacred space of acceptance and non-judgment for ourselves and for each other.
3) We seek understanding of each other, our differences, perspectives, and opinions.
4) We understand that these gatherings are recorded and will be available as video replays for Creation Temple™ members only. They are not shared outside of our community.