Bloodmoon January 2018

Project Title: Bloodmoon January 2018

Duration: 0:23:45

Date: January 31st, 2018

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Welcome to Episode 69. We would be asking Prime Creator about the energies of January so far and is there energetic update, anything prime creator wants to share about what’s being happening this month.

Prime Creator: Dear ones you are currently in a state of going into labor in your planet, we are close to polarity, which means that the light is experiencing a readiness to birth upon your planet as is the shadow, this is a time of great polarity, this is a tie where there is great light and there is much chaos appearing within your reality.

Your Planet has just stated for many, many year, you have been waiting, you have been longing, you have been doing your inner work, you have been calling forth shift. You have been looking, seeking, creating change upon your planet.

Before the birth dear ones, come the labor pains and this is your current stage, there is great momentum for the light, there is great momentum for the shadow, in the sense of it being seen, in the sense of it unfolding up on your planet. This unfolding, this being seen of the shadow does not mean that it has great power. It simply means there is great momentum; there is great movement of the shadow.

Now, this can be quite powerful if you give it your power, if you give it your energy, if you give it your fear. We have discussed this at length before dear ones and yet the conversation is still quite relevant. Now is the time to be especially aware of how you are using your energy, of where you are putting your thoughts, your emotions. How are you using your energy and what are you creating? Are you connecting and engaging with the fear, or do you see it for what it is and stay central within your heart and love. This is practice now dear ones.

To maintain your sensor with your heart, to expand the love that you flow from your beings or if you wish to bring about the shift, too much of you is required, so much of your awareness so much of your love, so much of the effort or inner work to maintain your sensor, because unless this your default mood, it does take some effort. Please understand dear ones that you’re not in this alone. As you look at the life, it may seem that there is no support around you. It may seem that no understand what you are going through, it may seem that no one has the knowledge that you have. This is simply untrue dear ones.

For there are many fellow humans that share in your knowledge, that share in your love. There are many light beings that are continually supporting you, that are bringing you codes and information, for your upgrades, for your downloads, for your expansion, in those times dear ones. If you should be feeling alone or if you would feel that no one understands you. This is a time to feel into your hearts, to connect with your soul light, to connect with the light beings around you, to connect with your own inner wisdom and to breathe and know that indeed you are not alone, there is great love, dear ones; there is great love and appreciation for your souls, for your beings.

In this past month, many of you have experienced deep soul repair. Now, this may contradict your understanding that you are whole and complete, that your soul is whole and perfect. So allow me to explain, many of you have been experiencing, what feels like soul fatigue or soul exhaustion, this past months many new light codes have been brought in for you, so that you can heal and restore your physical human body at the soul level. But the human is one expression of the soul and the human body requires nurturing, sustenance and in order to receive this at the deepest levels the soul must be vibrant and so there is connection, a conversation between the soul and the body.

When I speak of soul repair, it is a bringing in of new light codes and information to fortify your human body at the soul level. The opportunity to experience soul repair, to rejuvenate the human body continues to be on the smurf, I bring this information to you, as many of you were in this experience in your month of January 2018. Even if you are not yet feeling the rejuvenation part, the work being done at the soul level, will translate eventually into your physical experience.

It was a similar experience for Gaia not necessarily soul repair, but a fortifying of her being at the soul level, or she is getting ready to take quantum leaps in her frequency, she has been preparing herself for what you might call ascension or a shift. It is not the ascension in quotes, it is part of her ascension process, the way that this affects humanity is that those of you who have been working with this frequencies, those of you who have been working Gaia, working with yourself in your inner work, you will experience a level of relief, soul relief you might say. A breathe of fresh air. Those who have not been doing this work may still experience to some degree, depending upon their current comic state and what they need to work out at this stage, what they need to heal or expand within themselves.

For there are those who consciously do this work, there are those who consciously do this work, there are those who do not consciously do this work but there are in this flow and there are those who suppress the work, those who are suppressing, or who have not been willing to do the work, these beings will have a harder time in the change in Gaya’s frequencies.

So I would invite you dear ones to bring forth compassion, to bring forth compassion to those who do not understand what is happening, to bring forth compassion to those who are in fear, to those who develop illness and disease for what has been suppressed or stored within the body must be express in some way. Remember, the shadow can no longer hide at this time. And so it is possible that you see some apocalyptic type scenarios with certain individuals, if they have been suppressing or trying to push away what they need to deal with.

So I invite you dear ones to bring forth the compassion, if they are open to hearing to explain, to offer tools and techniques for them to heal themselves, to get themselves out a suppressed state.

Speaker 3: How long will it take for the old financial system to finally dissolve? Is the digital currency another form of money magic or is this not so, or is digital currency truly a free democratic form of currency.

Prime Creator: The period of time it takes for a financial structure to dissolve is dependent upon the reaction and acceptance of the people. So there is no way to say it would take a certain amount of time, because all are in co creation of the experience. What you are seeing is a continuation of the shadow being revealed. It is not new except from your perspective with what you are referring to as the crypto currency and blockchain, this is not new, it is somewhat new in your experience, but it has existed for quite some time. This is another example of polarity as it was developed as a false hope to be shared with humanity with intensions behind it, not for the benefit of humanity.

However, there is opportunity for this system to be co-opted by the light so to speak, for there is the potential for those who set up the system to lose their power and for to be taken over by the common people. There are many layers of convolution to the crypto currency system.

Speaker 3: In the current energy patterns, where are we in the social change, in the percentage of awareness to this change in financial structure and is this more sooner than later?

Prime Creator: Dear one, the pattern is whatever the situation, whatever the unveiling is that it is ready to be birth and then there is delay and the it is ready to be birth and then there is delay, and then it is ready to be birth and then there is delay, within each delay there is a smaller unveiling of the information, meaning some people will get the memo, but not the general public, unless they are looking for the information, unless they are paying attention. I would say that, there is sooner rather than later in terms of the patterning of how this is going. For there is less and less time in between each delay, there is a smaller gap in between each delay.

Speaker 3: There have been a lot of different explanations of the human ascension process on this planet. Detailing a sudden event of human upgrading to the fifth dimension, as well as more gradual processes of human upgrading in the ascension process, which is true?

Prime Creator: In some ways it is both, for as the alignments continue, as the light wave continues to come to your planet, they do continue to get stronger and stronger each time. So there is not necessarily one event with one large blast, but each last so to speak does get stronger with each alignment, alignment such as full moons, eclipses planets and stars alignment, alignment that you are not even aware of, Galactic alignments, universal alignment, multiverse alignments.

There is a gradual alignment forming, that when each star, each planet, each galaxy, each universe, each multiverse is in place, that this is where you will experience more of what you have been desiring for your planet earth, for the experience you would call ascension and this grand alignment will last for quite some time, it is not a bleak in time so to speak.

Speaker 3: Is there need for meditating for the collective and for Gaia, experiencing the new energies for earth changes such as hurricanes and tidal waves or is it time to mediate on what we need to change for ourselves.

Prime Creator: This new energy you refer to is similar to what I was speaking of in Gaia’s preparation to make her quantum leaps in frequency. There was never a need to meditate for the collective for Gaia. This was something that many of you did as you felt guided in your hearts and there was nothing wrong with this, and it did bring more love and it did bring more love to planet, more love to each other, more love to the collective.

It has always been too focused on yourself to do your inner work, to raise your frequency, to work with your path and in doing so it automatically assist Gaia, it automatically assist the collective. So how to approach the current energies, it’s the same to focus on the self in doing the inner work, in expanding the love flow through you and staying centered within your heart and not engaging with the fear. In some ways it is the same message as it has always been.

Stay focused on your creations of light dear ones. Stay centered within your hearts and it is okay to enjoy your life as well.

Speaker 3: Are there any new energies or upgrades for the new moon and solar eclipse on January 31st?

Prime Creator: This is an alignment that would allow for opening. Opening within your being, opening with your mind, opening to new possibilities, opening to new ideas, opening to your expansion, the theme is opening to the new. Do your best dear ones to stay in a state of openness. Openness to your wisdom, openness to your hearts, with the energies of this alignment, allows yourselves to be radiant, allow yourself to shine, allow yourselves to grow brighter, to grow stronger. Release the distractions dear ones; come back to your hearts return to your ancient wisdom. The ancient knowing of who you are, allow yourself to open to even more of who you are. Yes with this alignment there would be new energies coming to your planet.

Be aware dear ones that polarity is still at work here and so be mindful, be aware to receive only those that for your highest alignment. That the energies of lower vibration, you need not interact with those, it is of your choosing of course, with this alignment there is strong pulse of energy from your galactic core, and this energy can interact with your core in such a way as to support your opening, opening to your new you, opening to your new self, which is really just the remembering of your ancient self, of your soul codes.

I thank you dear ones.

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What is Going on in the World?

Project Title: What is Going on in the World?

Date: 2/4/18

Suzy: Well happy Sunday everyone, I just wanted to share what’s been coming through about what’s happening right now on the planet. And I hope you enjoy the little fire meditation going on behind me there. I wanted to include that just because it’s very meditative at least for me I love fires. Okay, so at the beginning of the year 2018, I felt a significant shift and it felt, like a good shift you know freedom and heaven on earth kind of energy. All the things that we’ve been working for on this planet all the things it felt like that.

So there were a couple days where I felt like that and then a lot of intensity happened and I know that I’m not alone in that experience. I know a lot of other people went through some intense things perhaps you were one of them. And it really feels good right? Personally I went through a really intensity talks and turn into a bit of a healing crisis and it was it was very intense—much needed. But very intensive not the way that anyone wants to start off the New Year right, you want to be in that fresh new energy and instead for me at least it was delving deep into old stuff so that I could release it, but it’s all good.

So the higher perspective of what’s happening now and this part of this information has come through the channeling that I do and part of this information is just this is what I’m seeing, this is what I’m understanding, this is what I’m observing others going through, so you know take what resonates leave the rest right. Part of what’s happening right now is a huge unfolding of the shadow being illuminated. So all of the stuff that’s been happening on this planet for thousands of years and perhaps even more is now coming into the light.

Now we’re seeing it, now we’re seeing the chaos unfold. Now we’re seeing what was hidden in the shadow, you know the stuff in the government, the stuff in the banking system, the stuff that, that some of us knew has been going on and for many it’s been hidden from them. Now it’s coming in to light and this is a very good thing, but what this can do for some people who aren’t as aware, who don’t have the higher perspective as it can send them into fear and chaos. And look even for those of us who do have the higher perspective, if we’re not totally centered within our hearts and within love at all times, we can start to buy into the fear, we can start to buy into the chaos that we see happening around us.

So, I wanted to share this higher perspective so that you can have the high perspective of what’s going on and really take in for yourself and stay centered within the love energies [coughs] Sorry about that guys; still recovering a little yeah. So some of this stuff even talking about it, I’m transmuting as I talk and so it’s not always a comfortable thing for me.

Okay, so understanding that as we go this through this transition on our planet, as everything is illuminated, as everything moves into the light, we are going to see some nasty things, we are going to see some things that don’t look nice that don’t feel nice you know for those of us who are empaths and feel things.

We’re going to feel the shadow as well it’s not like we just stand back and observe it. Excuse me, we’re going to feel it, we’re going to feel the intensity of what’s unfolding, we’re going to feel the intensity of what’s coming out of the shadow and it’s not always a pleasant experience. It’s not always a comfortable thing and so I’m bringing forth this information so that you can really recognize what’s happening on a larger scale and stay focused on your inner work. Staying centered in love within your heart, being the eye in the middle of the storm.

Now I am asking for ease and grace for the collective and I hope you’ll do that with me. I am asking that this unfolding happens with as much ease and grace as possible you know, but we don’t always have control over how things break down, how things unfold, there will be a breaking down, there is currently a dismantling happening in the banking system in government.

The breaking down part, the dismantling part, it doesn’t always look pretty. It’s important it needs to happen, but it’s not always the easiest to observe. It’s not always the most pleasant thing to witness.

So as you in the coming months I don’t know how long it will take perhaps in the coming years, as you observe and notice the breakdown, the dismantling; the things that are falling apart. I invite you to stay centered within your hearts as much as possible to offer love for yourselves, to offer love to those around you, to really practice self-love and honoring of yourself of your needs because especially again for those who are empaths and for those of us who feel all of these things it can take a toll on the physical body.

It can be a very intense experience for the physical body. So I invite you to take exceptional care of your physical bodies, of your emotions, of your mental body, take care of your spirit, take care of your spiritual path and not to get discouraged by what you see around you, because what you’re seeing around you is the illusion finally coming into the light and this is a good thing.

And so I promise what I’m about to say is not political, but it is part of the perspective.

So when Trump came into office this was a very important thing because the role that he plays is to shine a light on how ridiculous the government is, how much puppetry there is, how you know the powers that be pull the strings.

Trump shows us all of that and the public needs to see that. For those who think that when they cast their vote that it’s making a difference. The public needed to see how all of this was puppetry and pulling strings and the person, the president—the person in charge, so to speak, really isn’t the one in charge. So he needed to play that role for us to show everyone in this country and around the world how ridiculous this whole setup is.

So again keeping that larger perspective, this is simply the larger perspective of what’s happening, if we get caught up in the details, if we get caught up in: “oh this memo was released and this thing happened and oh what does this mean?” look all of it is the shadow coming into light. And it may shock some people what comes forth, we may not like what we see. But all of that has to come into the public eye, all of that has to come forth so that we can break down the old systems and old paradigms and create the new.

Now while the old systems are breaking down, we can as light workers be creating the new and this is something that prime creator has said over and over and over again as stay focused on your creations of light. And that’s what we need to be doing right now. Those of us who are pioneers on the cutting edge creating the new paradigms, bringing forth the free energy technologies, bringing forth you know the new ways of building, bringing forth the sustainability ways of creating on this planet, we need to be focused on that.

Now is not the time to be distracted by the systems that are falling apart and what we see unfolding before us. We know, we know that things are falling apart and things are unraveling, that’s good, that’s great, let it happen. We need to be staying focused on what we are creating. I call it heaven on earth, you call it whatever you like. But we need to be focused on that.

So that’s really my call to action right now, is to know what you want and start creating. So get real with yourself, get honest with yourself, what is it that you really want thanks for sharing Danielle. What is it that you really want, what is it that resonates truly within your heart? What do you want to see on this planet, if you feel like you don’t have the resources to create what you want right now, that’s okay.

Start visioning, put it on paper, put it in writing you know get the energy out, get the vibrations from your heart and start blasting them into the universe. You don’t have to have the money right now, if you do great start you know creating in that way. But if you don’t have the resources the funding the money whatever it is don’t get discouraged and think: “oh there’s nothing I can do yes.” Right now, there is something you can do. Get your visions, get your dreams on paper and physicalize them in whatever way you can and blast that energy from your heart out into the universe.

Share it with people as you feel guided create community as much as you can, to support each other’s visions because I guarantee you; the thing that you dream of, the thing that you desire, you’re not alone in that. And if you’re in a country where you feel alone on your spiritual path you don’t have people around you immediately where you know you can get that kind of increase in support there are people around the globe that share your vision that have the dream that you have. Find them, find them on Facebook, find them on YouTube, whatever, wherever it is. They’re there find them start communicating with them. Share your visions, your goals your dreams and get you know your heart desires, your soul desires, get it out there.

Of course, you know I have to say it; of course, we’re here for you in the creation temple join us a master creator meet with us every week to share your visions and dreams and goals. We are physicalizing what we are creating in the creation temple.

And we would love to have you with us as a master creator to create from that depth of your heart and the depth of your soul. What it is that you desire for this planet, how can we create heaven on earth together that’s what we’re doing as master creators in the creation temple.

So, if you feel called to that definitely join us, so we meet every week online via videos we’ll get to see each other we get to connect, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you get to have that connection that you desire. So just quickly wrapping up as you see what’s unfolding on this planet, as you see the chaos, as you see the shadow being illuminated, I highly encourage you and invite you not to get caught up or distracted in that, that’s going to happen it may look rough, it may feel rough, again we can call it ease and grace for the collective and for ourselves. But the shadows coming out it’s got to be seen and this is a good thing.

But it might not always look so great. So as you observe and witness everything falling apart and rebuilding remember who you are, remember the role that you would like to play, remember why you came to this planet in the first place and when it feels heavy and when it feels too intense remember that you’re not alone. There are others going through this, there are others feeling the intensity right there with you and you’re a powerful being.

So when you can focus on your creations of light, when you can focus on the love that is within your heart and stay centered and grounded in that, that’s power and that’s exactly what we need in order to create heaven on earth and change what’s been happening on this planet. It is falling apart, it is unraveling the new is coming into place at least on the energetic level. And very soon, I hope in a very physical way.

So physicalize your dreams and visions of heaven on earth however you can, again, write it down, drawing it, speaking it to other people, sharing it and keep going forward. One foot in front of the other chop wood, carry water my friend has this, I think it’s a Buddhist say or something chop wood carry water, dance through the avalanche yes.

Keep going my friends because we’re doing it, we’re making a difference, things are shifting, things are changing and we just need to keep going. Bring our light into this shadow; bring our light into the darkness and shine, shine, shine as bright as we can.

I love you all and again if anything in the creation temple calls to you please join us there. There are so many resources, I’m putting all the latest downloads from source, all the latest information that I’m getting into the creation temple you can join for as little as twenty-five a month and get a ton of content and resources to help you on your spiritual path. So I love you each and I’ll see you in the next video.

Thanks for being with me for this conversation much love.

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Susie experienced her Spiritual Awakening on December 13th, 2004. Since that time, she has developed into a Spiritual Guide and Transformation Coach, teaching others how to do what she has done in her own life. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? You may enjoy relating the stories of other like you: Awakening Journeys: The Sacred Emerges

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