You Can Heal Yourself By Talking With Your Inner Child

Project Title: You Can Heal Yourself by Talking with your Inner Child

Duration: 0:12:33.3

Date: 1/8/2018

Susie: Happy Monday everyone, I want to do cam and have a conversation with you about the inner child so one—-by the way I’m wearing this hat because it’s fun, playing with my inner, also because it’s a cloudy day here in Sedona, hoping we’re going to get some rain so the house is a little cooler because the sun is not warming it up but anyway, so if you have questions about how to dialogue with your inner child, please post them in the comments hopefully I can answer them.

This has come up for me because I don’t know if you guys remember last year the thing that I had with inflammation and when I talked to my body I figured out it was unresolved anger and I went through this whole process of integrating anger. On the past month the inflammation has come back just really subtle and so I was asking my body: “is there anything you want to tell me about this, you know what’s going on anything you want to share” and my body is like: “Talk to your inner child” [laughs] so I asked little Susie: “What’s going on, what’s happening, anything you want to share?” Turns out she’s having a temper tantrum, throwing herself on the floor screaming kicking, you know, having a temper tantrum, and I was like: “Oh! Honey, what’s going on?” I have no idea, coz you know I haven’t checked in with her in a while, she’s been pretty good pretty stable, pretty happy so I hadn’t really checked in with her for a while. So I asked little: “Susie what’s going, what’s happening, how can I help you” and essentially she just needs to be heard and to have a temper tantrum, she just needs to like tantrum it all. So I just let her have a temper tantrum, and also let her know that I’m here, I’m listening, I’m checking in, I’m available and that has decreased information dramatically in my body and that’s really powerful.

So I just wanted to have a conversation with you guys. How you can heal your inner, how you can heal yourself by talking with your inner child. So how do you talk with your inner child? Again, if you guys have questions about these, put those in the comments, hopefully, I can answer them.

How do you talk with your inner child? How do you even—-and what is the inner child? We should start there.

So the inner child is an aspect of yourself, usually has wounding from when you were younger so anything unresolved in your current life, any trauma, any suffering, any pattern that keep showing up, anything that keeps showing up that is unresolved generally has a lot to do with the inner child and an aspect of you that is not unhealed. So when you reflect on your life or think on life, what happened when you were younger, you can usually find a point, maybe you are two years old or five years or twelve years old, or whatever and maybe it’s more than one age, where you experience trauma often with the parents, maybe not with your parents, experience something traumatic, experience something that you need to heal.

So what is required to connect with your inner child is a space of quiet within your mind. So that’s generally the hardest part, right? So if you’re good at getting yourself into a meditative space that’s a great time to connect with your inner child and if you’re not good at that then that’s something you’ll need to practice to be able to quiet your mind, to be able to access your inner child or to find a practitioner who can find that voice of your inner child for you, and that’s very possible as well, that’s something that I can do with you. So if you are having a hard time accessing it for yourself, you can always hire someone to help you out with that, but generally the idea is to get in a quiet space within yourself, so that you can quiet your mind and access that, to listen that smaller voice of the inner child.

So deep belly breathing and just allowing your body to become more and more relaxed and call forth your inner child. So for me, I call it little Susie and like: “Little Susie is there something you want to say, is there something you want to share with me, is there something you want to express, I’m listening, so you need to learn your inner child know that you’re here, you need to let your inner child know that you’re listening to her or him [laughs] You need to set aside that time and space for that connection.

Now sometimes the voice is so loud and it’s easier to connect in and sometimes it’s a quiet voice because maybe you’re not practiced with connecting with your inner child, so again it is a practice and it’s one of those journey things [laughs] we talk about all the time, it’s a journey, well it’s really kind of is because if you’re not used to dialoguing with your inner child, it is a practice, it is an intentional thing that you’re doing to get access and to connect.

So I don’t know if you guys are writing down questions and I’m just not seeing them but if you do have questions that you want to put in the comment feel free to do that so I can answer them.

So get into that quiet space and letting your inner child know that you’re listening, letting your inner child know that you are here, that you’re available for a conversation for a dialogue and then start asking your inner child questions: “What do you need from me, what do you want, what do you want from me, what do you need, what would you like to express, do you have anything to say?” and then listen, listen for the answer and see what the inner child has to say.

How do you start a conversation? Great: So you just start asking question, you just start asking questions and just like I just said, you’ll probably type in that comment as I was asking this [laughs] questions: “what do you need from me, what do you want, what do you want from me, how can I help you, how can I support you, what do you need to express, are you hurting somewhere is there trauma that you’ve experienced that you would like to heal” and as you—-if you want to use this dialogue for self-healing then you ask your inner, then you let your inner child know that you are going to play the role of the parent for your child. So it’s like self-parenting, so if your child, in my example, if your child is angry and having a temper tantrum, what little Susie needs is to have that tantrum and to be lovingly accepted while she has that tantrum so we’re just allowing her to do it.

So you’re playing the parent role for your inner child, you’re offering the divine feminine and you’re offering the sacred masculine and so again this why this a journey, if you’re not—-if you haven’t practiced integrating your divine feminine into your being, integrating your sacred masculine into your being, you might not know how to give that to your inner child, so that’s another part of the journey. It’s learning what the feminine is for you, learning what the sacred masculine is for you, learning how to be both and be balanced with both and to offer those to your inner child.

Most of what your inner child wants is your attention, your acceptance, your love that’s kind of universal. So even if you don’t know how to be the divine mother or be the sacred father that’s okay, just offer your inner child love and acceptance. Let your inner child know you’re listening, let your inner child know you’re available.

And if you’re first starting this kind of a journey with your inner child, its really helpful to set aside a time, just like you would set aside ten minutes for meditation everyday, it’s setting aside that time to be with your inner child, setting aside that time to ask your inner child questions and to listen. So it might be helpful to get a pencil and paper and just start some automatic writing when you ask your inner child questions if there is anything he or she ha to say to you. If you are good at getting in that meditative state and just sitting still and silent asking the questions and looking to see what answers come forth. Grabbing your phone and then opening the memo or the notes or whatever, like the audio recording thing on your phone and ask the questions and then just start talking and see what comes out. And then you have a recording of it in case something really juicy comes up and you can remember it.

So it really is about setting the intention that you want to connect with your inner child, letting your inner child know that you are available and making some commitments. So when I first had my inner child healing experience, my friend Windy Rose helped me with that and she took me through this process and then I ended up making some promises to little Susie I said: “I promise I’ll pay attention from now, I promise I will nurture you, I’ll hold you if you need to help, I’ll hold your hand, if you want to hold my hand, I’ll play with you when you want to play” things like that. So that has been so helpful in having. In achieving self-healing for me, in healing the wounds of the past, you know how I grew up, the lack, not getting enough love whatever. My parents are very loving by the so I’m not at all saying that my parents failed me, they were very, very loving.

But every child has that need to be nurtured to be loved to accepted and so that’s what you can do for your inner child is offer that love, that acceptance and that nurturing and so sometimes nurturing that inner child means nurturing the adult, going out into nature, going to floats bar and being enveloped in the [inaudible 0:10:39] environment of the warm waters. Going to the hot springs. Those are some things that I love, but finding—-going outside and making mud pies that could be nurturing to inner child and the adults, so learning how to play yay! Get some thumbs up for that. So whatever you do to nurture your inner child, whatever you do for play, then if its both your inner child and your adult self.

So I’ll love to see some comments about how you nurture your inner child, or how you play with your inner child. [inaudible 0:11:13] are really great at playing with her inner children, be it laugh or silly together it’s just—-it’s nurturing for inner children as well as for our adult self, So it works both ways as you heal the inner child your also, of course, healing the adult self. And this is a very powerful self-healing tool, is working with your inner child. So I’m not seeing any questions again, I don’t know if Facebook is just now showing me them or you haven’t written anything down, I would check the video after I say goodbye.

Thank you for joining me today. If you want more support with accessing your inner child, you can get a one on one session or you can join us in the creation temple as a master creator because we meet every week in person or online through videos, we get to have that nice deep connection and we get to do our shadow work together sometimes laugh and play together too. So I would love if that’s some level of support that you want, come join our soul family in the creation temple as a master creator and you’ll get personalized deep support to nurture, not just to your adult self but to your inner child as well.

So lots of love to you guys and I’ll check the video afterward. So the first question is here in the comments. I’ll see you in the next video. Muah! [kisses] much love.

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