The Universe Human Relationship Channeling Part 67

Project Title: The Universe – Human Relationship, Channeling Part 67

Duration: 0:25:37
Date: 12/27/17

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Susie: Hello and welcome to episode 67. A few of you have requested that the transcriptions of the videos come back. I think we left off at episode 57 or 47. So if anyone who is listening to these tele-messages would like to offer their time and energy to transcribe the video we have a simple way that we can help you to do that. Contact me at and we’ll share a process with you to make it easier and faster for you to transcribe for us. So if you are willing to volunteer let us know and I know that our community here would be really appreciative of that. Thank you so much.

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Speaker 1: During death when releasing the physical body, what else is released beside gravity and the ego mind?

Prime Creator: First, an understanding of what happens after physical death, when the soul is released from the body meaning that the soul is no longer attached to the human form. The being is still inform [sic], what you might call etheric form and the soul is still with this etheric form and depending upon [sic] the soul’s journey at this point, especially now with where many souls are in their journey. The soul would move into light form and then into no form, to return to source. Some souls would take other forms whether enteric form, spirit form, light form, depending upon their journey. So what is released from the physical body after death to some extent depends upon the soul journey. For those souls returning to source, all is eventually released. For the souls taking

other forms, there may be a cellular matrix imprint so to speak and for be reestablished with the new body whether the human body or other species.

Speaker 1: So what about if some experiences an etheric form a deceased individual such as experienced ghost where it appears that the individual retains their ego, their personality and still interacts with the local environment.

Prime Creator: Yes, in this case, much is retained within etheric form, many cellular memories aspect of the mind, aspects of personality. Again depending upon where the soul is in the journey as some of these beings are not free in that realm and so they retain more density, therefore, more ego mind, more personality and some of these beings are what you may interpret as angelic and would retain less personality-less cellular memory.

Speaker 1: Are there also energy matrixes that are released such as shockers specific to the human form?

Prime Creator: Again depending upon where the soul is in the journey and what form the soul chooses to take after leaving human form, for there are other races, your star brothers and sisters as you might say, that work with shocker systems, now these shocker systems may muff to some degree, to adapt to their bodies and environment and these energetic matrixes also adapt to their environments and yet there is a correlation, there are similarities. For example, this is how octorian healers know how to work with human bodies as there are similarities in form as well as in energetic matrixes such as chocker systems, such as meridians, for not only have they studied humans, but they also work with these systems in their bodies.

Speaker 1: With the symbology of the human body being the universe what is father cosmos as the universe teaching us through our human form?

Prime Creator: He is teaching you the power of physicality. The power of being in densities and dimensions that are of slower vibrations. Just to note dear ones, many of you have interpreted slower vibrations to mean lesser than or not as spiritual, judging it as bad or wrong and this is not the case for in slower vibrating realities there is much power to create with form.

It is one thing to manifest in etheric form, it is quite another to manifest in physical form because father cosmos is physicality in terms of the universal structure of what he has created in terms of the forms he has created. He works with and through human bodies, to create more form such as with your offsprings and with what you create in your structures, houses for example. As again physical form is quite different from etheric form.

Speaker 1: What is father cosmos teaching us in the human body if you are experiencing pain or pleasure [inaudible 0:08:29]

Prime Creator: These are a guidepost to assist you in knowing what you want and what you do not want, knowing what brings you joy and knowing what you do not like, for if everything was neutral how would you know in which direction you would wish to move.

He is also teaching you and assisting you to learn and master polarity. For as you have experienced, pain and pleasure can be on the opposite side of the spectrum and at times, they are very similar, almost indistinguishable this has much to do with the patterning in your brain and nervous system as one moment something can feel painful and another it can feel pleasurable and even painful experiences can feel pleasurable in a way when you develop patterns of comfort around this if you are used to constant pain. There is a comfort because it is what you are used to and the human proclivity is to come into homoeostasis at least this was largely part of the old patterning many are moving quite beyond this and now are more interested in ascension, evolution, growth, expansion, etcetera.

Speaker 1: What, in the human body, does this polarity of pain and pleasure meet and balance and how can we transcend this polarity?

Prime Creator: It meets and balance within your nervous system and brain. To transcend the polarity you must release the patterns that you have allowed and establish within your brains and the energies within your nervous systems that have allowed and establish the patterns to come into a place of acceptance, that this is what your human experience to has been to this point and to understand that you have capabilities beyond this, to accept all degree of pain, to accept all degree of pleasure, to allow them to dance so to speak, for where there is acceptance there is no need to change there is no resistance, there is no need to get put of it, so for example if you are in pain, rather than trying to avoid the pain, allow yourself to feel, ask it what message it has for you, get to the root issue, get to the core of the pain, so that you can understand why it is with you, and then you can accept and then it can dissolve as you transcend.

With regards to pleasure to allow yourself to feel deep pleasures. When I speak of pleasure I am referring to pleasures that are inherent to being human, not bringing in external stimuli or substances but to feel the pleasure of being human. Many of you are not as well versed with this aspect as you are with pain, and so in order to transcend the polarity of pleasure and pain you must come into understanding, knowing and feeling what it is to be in pleasure as a human being. Again not using external stimuli such as substances of food etcetera but being with your body, your energy, your spirit, your soul while in human form. Feeling the depth of who you are, knowing your value and worth, this kind of pleasure will assist in balancing the polarity.

Speaker 1: What mechanism causes us to consciously forget our past life, spiritual nature, spiritual aspect, soul path etcetera when entering a human life here on [inaudible 0:13:39]?

Prime Creator: Remembering that you have cellular memory but you do not carry the same mind from one body to the next, you take a new mind when entering a new human body and so the cellular memory is there to assist the remembering of who you are or any traumas and pains that still needs healing. It is the taking of human form itself where this sorts of memories are erased of course they are not truly erased, for they are accessible through your cellular memory through akashic] records etcetera and on rare occasion there are beings who do not go through this forgetting process.

It is not a mechanism so to speak, it is like going through a gateway from whatever form you are in, to taking human form and as you go through the gateway to take human form, you do not bring your previous mind from any previous incarnation or any of these memories with you, again all these memories and previous minds exist and they are accessible through cellular memory, past life aggression, akashic records, readings etcetera.

Speaker 1: Is this common experience with most beings or is it specific to this planet?

Prime Creator: It depends upon what dimensional space the being is entering, for example, those entering dimensions with slower vibrations and more densities have these experience more than beings who are entering higher dimensional realities that are vibrating faster for in most cases a being enters the lower vibrational realities to practice their mastery to achieve soul growth. I explain this in your understanding of linearity dear ones and so those beings come into planet earth and denser realities go through this forgetting so that they can exercise their mastery in working with lower densities. For many of the beings that come to your planet earth well versed in navigating realms of higher vibrations and now put into practice their mastery of working with lower densities realities or realities of greater density.

Speaker 1: With this symbology, the human being, being the universe, is there a star for each cell in the human body?

Prime Creator: There is not a star for each cell of the human body. However there is a correlation of how the cell work within the human form to the star systems in your universe, now you experience time as a human being and in this experience of time, cells are constantly dying new cells are constantly being formed, your perception of this happening in your universe in terms stars dying and new stars being birthed is very different and yet it is all happening simultaneously at the same time, it is simply your perception that makes it seem that what is happening your body happens much faster than how stars are being birth and die within your universe. There are groupings of cells that correlate to different star systems, such as your Milky way galaxy corresponding to your heart cells, this is a very deep subject and would take much time for this channel to decipher, we would actually stop with this at this time.

Speaker 1: When just one human heals the cells of their body from trauma or they integrate their spiritual gifts into their cells, how does this affect the universe?

Prime Creator: Codes are exchanged. Let us bring the example again of the heart. When a human being heals their heart emotionally, physically, spiritually, however, it is for them, the star systems within your galaxy receives a pulse, a code, receives information from that human this information, these codes serve to allow the star systems to make adjustments, adjustments for their own healing their own evolution. It is not quite like this, dear ones and yet we are running into the limitations of the English language in describing this, it is not always that the star system need to be healed but it gives them information for advancement, for evolution.

Speaker 1: How is past life trauma stored in the cells of the physical body even though the past life might not even occur in the same universe.

Prime Creator: Dear one it does not matter where the energy was located, where the energy occurred. Energy is energy it is accessible no matter location.

Speaker 1: How is karma stored in the physical body?

Prime Creator: Karma is the information that comes from the soul and as the soul is connected to whatever human, whatever forms it takes, and human or not, that information is relayed from the soul to the human as the soul can transfer codes, memories, and information to physicality of whatever form it is connected to.

Speaker 1: Is there anything else prime creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Prime Creator: We have conversed before about feeling your emotions allowing yourself to feel. In your year of 2018, this would continue to be very relevant, as you would see many changes upon your planet as more chaos would unfold and on the flip side more transcending of that chaos, more love more connections, more light, more heaven on earth energies. If you wish to be one who transcends the chaos it is important for you to find your internal balance and if you have surpressed emotions suppressed feelings that would constantly pull on your energy causing you to be off center to pull you out of balance.

I am not talking about wallowing in sorrow, grief, anger etcetera. I speaking of feeling what you feel, allowing it to flow through you and coming back into center within your hearts. For if you like to be an emotional charge, you cannot truly transcend the chaos for again that charge will tug you out of center. Many of you are addicted to being charged, to being triggered and many of you are also advanced enough to be able to exercise your mastery in this regard to quickly address any triggers or emotional charges and move on.

I thank you dear ones for doing your inner work, for refining your skills, for purifying your beings. You are making a tremendous difference, please do not doubt this, dear ones each small victory, each small success, each achievement that you have within your own being. Is affecting the whole, it is affecting the collective in beautiful and uplifting ways. And I thank you dear ones.

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Susie: Thank you, Prime Creator. You know its nice to be seeing [laughs] I don’t know if you guys feel that way when you watch these

videos or listen to the messages when prime creator shares how what we are doing, the inner work that we do for ourselves is making a difference for the collective. I feel really seen and that’s nice [laughs].

I thank you guys for doing your inner work and for affecting the collective positively with your inner changes and all of that and again if you need support with that or here in the creation temple. The master creators and I meet every week and we’re transforming ourselves and we’re—- it’s just incredible to be on the meet with soul family every week, so if that’s something that cost you, come check it out, Much love you guys, I’ll see you in the next video much!

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Susie experienced her Spiritual Awakening on December 13th, 2004. Since that time, she has developed into a Spiritual Guide and Transformation Coach, teaching others how to do what she has done in her own life. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? You may enjoy relating the stories of other like you: Awakening Journeys: The Sacred Emerges

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Winter Solstice 2017 Update – Channeling Part 68

Project Title: Winter Solstice 2017 Update – Channeling Part 68

Susie: Beautiful soul family thank you for being part of this channel, if you would like deeper support for your spiritual journey I invite you to check on our retreats and the creation temple. You can join as a master creator, royal creator, divine creator or free member. We would also appreciate your sponsorships and any donations you would like to send our way to keep these videos coming to you. Much love!
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Susie: Welcome to episode 68. This is about the solstice and when I, I can’t remember if it was the morning, I think it was the morning of the solstice day when I woke up. I felt and saw with my mind’s eye like a veil being turn in two and the light was pouring through the veil. So the first question we are going to start out with is about that Visual kind of experience also that I had and to see if prime creator can share any insight about that.
[Audio gap]

Prime Creator: Dear Ones, in many conversations we have spoken about the light pouring through, more and more light coming to your planet. This vision, if you will is simply a representation that there is now even more light coming to you, coming to your planet. It is an invitation to open your hearts, open your minds, open your energy fields to receive this light. Even with a small opening the intensity of the light is of great service, for there is a muted light that shines upon the shadow and only certain layers or levels of shadow can be revealed with a muted light as compared to the intensity of light now coming to your planet.

This light is able to penetrate many layers, many levels to more depth of shadows, than previously before. What this means for your external reality is that you will continue to see more of what has been hidden in the shadows. Do not be surprised if what you thought was truth turns out to be false, if what you thought to be false turns out to be truth, for as the light penetrates the depth of shadow all is being revealed to now.

This process is not complete at this time, this process will continue in your months and year to come. You would continue to see more and more layers of shadows. And so while I am not encouraging a fluidity of truth so to speak, I am saying do not become attached to your ideas of what you think is truth. For something’s that you think are not fully representing the whole.
You will be able to access more truth through the heart, through the intuition then through the mind in those cases. For those of you who have super discernment the mind can be a great tool for discerning truth. But for many of you there is still much programming that influences what you see as truth, or what you think as truth, so it is better in this case to cultivate your intuition, to cultivate your hearts knowing for a deeper more complete discernment.

Speaker 3: A client asks – We recently had a small amount of your whole disclosure on the main stream news. With the shadow being revealed and the veil being listed are we going to experience more disclosure in 2018?

Prime Creator: I would do my best to explain through this channel.
You can anticipate more disclosure, however, this comes with an alert or a warning that again not everything you see or not everything you are told is going to be truth or true disclosure. This is a process that is setup with many smoking mirrors you might say, for there are still strong agendas running to influence you to think a certain way about your star brothers and sisters and so on one hand, yes this disclosure will bring more awareness of your star brothers and sisters. And on another this awareness will not always be completely pure or truthful.

Pay attention to whom is delivering the source of information, pay attention to your own heart and experience and how you react from your heart space to this information. For example recently there were lights appearing in the sky but some say are space x rockets test and some feel quite a different energy from these lights. And so it would be a practice in discernment of what you feel from directly witnessing or watching a video of this experience of similar experience. Because how these things would be portrayed by your media is not always truly accurate of what the event really is. This is a time that it calls for great discernment and to allow the experiences and opinions of others.
For you may stand side by side with someone and witness something in the sky and each of you will feel something completely different, you may even see something quite different and to allow the experience and feeling of the other and to know your own personal experience and what it means to you.

Speaker 3: A client asks – The Vatican has a telescope or series of telescope. One of them has been held Lucifer. What is the Vatican using these telescopes to look for?

Prime Creator: Again, I will do my best to explain through this channel.
They are looking for a light source. A certain kind of light that they can manipulate, that they can use for their purposes, this light will make it appear as if they are of the light but they are not using this light for purposes of the light, for the highest purposes you might say, it is a deception of sorts.
They are attempting a harvesting of this light, similar to what you know as men malevolent ET’s who want to harvest gold or other precious substances from other planets for their purposes of furthering their own race that is not in benefit for all. This is a similar situation of wanting to harvest this resource.

Speaker 3: A client asks – so is this a project or program that the Vatican has in collision with other ETs?

Prime Creator: In a manner of speaking dear one, those ET’s that are of the same lineage that are not currently in human form and can assist from where they are. It is less about human versus ET and more about the lineage of these beings.

Speaker 3: A client asks – Are members of the Vatican that are working on these projects members of this lineage?

Prime Creator: Yes dear one

Speaker 3: A client asks – You said that chaos is to come in 2018, how can we be more in flow with that and how can we recover better from the wave of energy that might cause us to be in exhaustion?

Prime Creator: Yes dear one, allow me to clarify. More chaos will seemingly appear, will seemingly unfold and be revealed it is not that there is more coming, it is more is showing up that has always been hidden in the shadow, you are simply seeing more of it now and so it appears to your perception than it is more chaotic before, but in truth the chaos has always been there.
And so to deal with what you are now seeing with what is now being revealed. I invite you to take exception care of your nervous system to especially focus on the breath. Physiological speaking, there is a transformation that takes place within the human body when breathing through the belly and so to continually bring your focus to your breath and how you are breathing so that you can train your body and your nervous system wiring to calmness to peace.
You can train your body, you can train your nervous system through the breath. Of course, as we have discussed before eating pure foods hydration, being grounded with nature all of these things are helpful for the nervous system as well. And one of the most effective ways to training your nervous system is with your breadth and it works both ways dear ones. For if you practice shallow breathing through your chest you are training your nervous system to be on high alert, you are training your nervous system to be in fear or to run away. And so when you activate your physiology through the belly breath, you can influence and train your nervous system to be in a more relax state.
It is also helpful for some to place yourself in muted light, to create a retreat or moonlike environment from time to time. As I mention earlier the intensity of the light coming now, is much greater. And there may be times where you wish to restore yourself to take a few minutes away from bright light and to put yourself in a soft muted environment such as a room with the light from a [inaudible 0:14:46] for example. This would also encourage the nervous system to not be on high alert.
There are many tools at your disposal dear ones; I would invite you to carefully consider which tools you use. For some tools will give you temporary relief but then bring side effects later and some tools will bring you sustainable assistance. And so it is helpful to know your body and how you respond to different tools. So that you can choose what is most highly aligned for you. Beware of the tools that give you the temporary relief, for in the end these types of tools can do more harm than good to your nervous system, to your field, to your energy body.

Speaker 3: A client asks – Regarding the waves of light coming are there in actual conscious thing or is it just a product of two stars crashing?

Prime Creator: Yes dear on. There are many sources of these light coming to your planet, as we have discussed before, these light is coming from many different places and many alignments and so some of these light is a product of moving through light within your galaxy and some of these light is more of conscious effort you could say. Where light beings such as planets galaxy’s other universes are aligning in such a way as to strengthen the light coming to your planet and these has much more consciousness or deliberate organization.
Speaker 3: A client asks – How do I feel that bliss in connection to solstice make me so happy, right now, I don’t really feel that anymore even though I do so much meditation?

Prime Creator: You must set a healthy boundary dear one for you’re doing much work for the collective; some of what you are feeling is the collective energy mostly not yours, some of it yours. So if you want to feel this bliss again you must set your intentions to do the meditation for you.
Now to understand dear one, what you are doing for the collective is of great service and so you can use this information how you wish and also to understand that the goal of being human is not to enter a state of bliss, it is to experience being human. To develop your mastery of lower vibrations, of lower density living so if you are wanting to experience bliss as a type of escape from feeling something you must walk through, this does not further your mastery, if you are taking moments to experience bliss to provide balance to the human experience, this is a different intention.

Speaker 3: A client asks – As everybody is talking about awakening I don’t feel too much, I’m I awaken or is there a certain percentage you can give me?

Prime Creator: Please understand dear one that everyone is wired differently, everyone processes senses feels, notes things through different channels, through different ways of perception. Just because you do not feel doesn’t not mean you are not awake. As a percentage does not serve I will not speak numbers with you dear one. However, please understand that this concept that humans call awakening is quite fluid for there is the understanding that you can have from your human perspective and as you move out of human body into a etheric form into light body there is completely different perspective that you would have. In some ways these concept and asking if one is awake is a set up for judgment for comparison, what I am trying to say is to know within your own being who you are. It does not matter if you are awake or asleep, what matters is that you are in human form, what matters is that in this here and now, you on this planet, what matters is that you have life and breadth as a human being and then some ways this is greatest awakening there is, to have life and breadth through a human form and you are beautiful dear one.

Speaker 3: Is there anything else prime creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time.

Prime Creator: I would invite you dear ones to respect where others are on the journey, for you may be in a place of celebration or you may be in a place of suffering or somewhere in between and when I say respect I mean do not compare yourself to another. As you observe fellow light workers and you see what they have accomplished or you see them in suffering and still very much in the trenches doing their inner work.
To offer celebration to those who are celebrating, to offer compassion and assistant to those who are in the trenches so to speak and do not compare, for man of you would begin to see more clearly the experience of others, why they are experiencing what they are, why they are having difficulties or why they appear to be smooth sailing so to speak and so it is important to not offer judgment or comparison but to celebrate and have compassion for each where they are on their journey. For this is part of creating the harmonized matrix dear ones.
For example if you are in suffering and you observe another, having a beautiful experience, to be happy for them to celebrate with them. And if you are one if you who is noticing another that is in suffering, to lend a hand as you feel guarded. Or to simply withhold judgment and allow them on their journey, allow them on their path, allow them to go through what they are going through, without trying to interrupt their process, with this allowing, with this celebration of another, you strengthen your harmonize matrix to allow all experience within the whole, to transcend polarity, to develop neutrality about what you observe. Not dissociating from part of yourself so that you do not feel, but to allow the experience to unfolds.
I thank you dear ones for your continued commitments to your growth, to your awareness and development. I have said it before and I would say it again. You are making a difference, as you do your inner work, as you free yourself from patterns and programs that has been placed upon you or that you have been born into, there is a ripple effects that emanates from your being as you release what no longer serves, as you allow more of the true you to emerge.
I thank you dear ones for your commitment to your growth, for wanting to become better versions of yourselves. I love and appreciate each of you dear ones and I thank you.

Susie experienced her Spiritual Awakening on December 13th, 2004. Since that time, she has developed into a Spiritual Guide and Transformation Coach, teaching others how to do what she has done in her own life. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? You may enjoy relating the stories of other like you: Awakening Journeys: The Sacred Emerges

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Susie’s Story of Spiritual Awakening

Susie Beiler’s Story of Spiritual Awakening

Susie experienced her Spiritual Awakening on December 13th, 2004. Since that time, she has developed into a Spiritual Guide and Transformation Coach, teaching others how to do what she has done in her own life. Are you going through a spiritual awakening? You may enjoy relating the stories of other like you: Awakening Journeys: The Sacred Emerges

If you want support for your path of spiritual awakening, join The Creation Temple® as a Master Creator. The Creation Temple®

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Duration: 0:17:11
Date: December 13, 2017

Hi everyone, I was trying to do a Facebook live for you guys so we could have this live interaction in real time but the Wi-Fi here isn’t great. So, I’m trying to take this vacation, but I feel so inspired to share this and to connect with each of you, so here I am not vacationing [laughs] it’s all good.

I wanted to share my story of my initial spiritual awakening. Partly because some of you know it, some of you don’t but really to offer a connection because I know that a lot of you go through this journey and you feel alone at times. You don’t have to. I put myself out there in a very public way sharing a lot of intimate things about my life because I know that many of you are experiencing the same things and I want you to know you’re not alone. You are never alone in what you are experiencing, in what you’re doing. The new answers to your experience may be different than mine but there’s always a connection point, there’s always a place where we can connect in our hearts to have a true relationship. Even if it won’t be energetic, even if I never meet you in person or respond to your comment I don’t know, we still—-we are on this planet together.
I wanted to share this story with you, just as a point of connection and to have you see and feel, hopefully, that you are not alone in your spiritual journey.

So it was 13 years ago, December 13, 2004, and I was at the acupuncture table. It was session number 6 and my acupunctures stayed within the room, which was a little unusual he would usually turn off the lights and leave the room and let the process happen but for whatever reason, he stayed in the room that day. I had this flashback to two days before: I was in nutrition school and my friend who I had actually stayed with at a CFS clinic years before that showed up. She was right there and we gave each other a big hug and whatever. She looked at me and she said “Suzy you don’t have CSF anymore” and I heard what she said but my experience at that time was that I very much did [laughs] so I just—-I acknowledge what she said and just kind of let it go.

Then the next day I’m sitting in class – the nutrition school, we were going through this exercise where we had to write down what we wanted the next day, the next week, a month from now, a year from now, five years from now. When you are in the chronic fatigue you’re not necessarily thinking about what you want to accomplish a week from now, you’re just trying to get through the day, you’re just trying to survive and hopefully, you can get everything done you need to that day, let alone a week from now. I was very quickly getting overwhelmed and I was very [sighs] there was a lot of resistance coming up within me because it was just very overwhelming to think like “I don’t know, I don’t know what I want to accomplish a week from now, let alone five years from now, ten years from now” until I broke down. I lost it and there was actually—-I was actually kind of sitting towards the front, it was a room of like a thousand people and to the left of me there was like a ledge and so I don’t know what I was thinking. I was probably in the state of overwhelm but I climbed up on the ledge [laughs] and I laid down and one of the attendants came over and they were like “are you okay?” and I’m like, clearly I wasn’t. So they took me to a room in the back and someone came and started doing Reiki with me and I was a pediatric therapist at that time.

I remember a couple of things about that experience. I know I’m going a little bit of a rabbit hole but I will get back to that acupuncture session. She started giving me Reiki and I was a Christian at that time and I was always taught that Reiki was of the devil and was satanic or evil or whatever and I was kinda like “I’m not sure if this is okay” but there is something about that was and so I went with it. And then I also have this really clear knowing that I had to let go of my title as an occupational therapist and I didn’t know what it meant at that time, I just knew on some level that whatever attachment I had to that title then, I needed to let it to.

Okay, so that all happened the weekend before the Monday, December 15, that I was on the acupuncture table. And I flashed back to that weekend and as soon as I landed on my friends face and her telling me – I don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome anymore, all of a sudden I knew she was right. And it was like that knowing flipped the switch within my body, within my emotional feel, within my brain, my nervous system, everything. I knew throughout my entire being that I was no longer sick and it was truly one of those lightbulb moments, one of those miraculous moments. (I didn’t realize at the time that I was going through a spiritual awakening.

Since that moment my life has never been the same. What happened was, after that I had two weeks where I was just totally at bliss. I thought life was finally going to be easy; life was finally going to feel better, coz I had sickness and all kinds of things since I was an infant. I’ve never had an easy life, not that we were poor but money was never easily accessible, it was always you have to watch how much you spend and “oh, you want that, don’t have money for that, cant have that”, so there was a lot of lack, a lot of—–there was a lot of hardship in my life if I’m being honest. To give parents—-my parents kind of gave us a lot of love, there was a lot of nurturing, there was all of that good stuff too but when it came to my existence on this planet, it was never easy for me. I’m super sensitive. I’m an empath. I’m very driven and determined but that sensitive part of me couldn’t quite cope with being here on this planet and quite know what to do with this [laughs] my environment. So I thought “oh finally I get to enjoy my life, it’s going to be fun and great and easy and whatever” well, you know how the journey goes you guys [laughs] you know there are ups and downs, then you go around and twist and turns all kinds of things.

It’s been 13 years whether I’ve been healing myself or I’ve been digging deep or I’ve been doing my inner work. And a lot of this time I have been sharing myself through video, through my newsletter etcetera. The inner work that I’ve been doing and the realization that I’ve been having. The healing and the transformation I’ve been experiencing.

If you would have known me then, I’m a very different person now. I had a lot of anxiety, I was wound up super tight and I had to undo all of that. To find my inner peace, to find and remember who I am, still in process, to really oh man,—- to work through the [inaudible 0:08:55], the mud, the sludge. I see a lot of spiritual teaching about how easy this journey can be, like putting yourself in state of bliss or in a state of joy and—-I’m not saying that’s not attainable but because we live in polarity, to get to the bliss, you also have to get through all the other stuff that’s on the other side of the spectrum.

So that’s what my journey of the past 13 years really have been – being able to feel my emotions, being able to know who I am, in that moment of awakening and then walk through all the stuff, peel all the layers, peel off the stuff that’s not me so that I can emerge in who I am.

Its kind of a blessing and a curse because very quickly after I had that awakening experience, I saw who I was; not as a human on this planet but as the light as the love. Its hard to describe but I saw who I was and I knew that I could become that, I knew that I could express that and it was very frustrating many times along the journey because I wasn’t expecting that and I wasn’t feeling necessarily even connected to that but I knew that I was that. And it was very challenging to have the patience – patience is not my favorite [laughs] to have the patience to go through the journey, to go through the mock and ick, and the sludge and the shadow, you might want to call it, to go through all of that.

Now I’m not saying I’m on the other side of all of that but I have certainly transform very very deeply, and that’s why I do what I do, that’s why I feel comfortable in my vulnerability, sharing my experiences with you, that’s why I started the creation temple so that you don’t have to feel alone in your journey, so that you can get the guidance and support that you deserve.
I’m very blessed on my own journey, my original acupuncture. I’m still in touch till this day and he’s been my mentor for this 13 years, and I’m so grateful to have that level of support and I know because of who I am and why I came to this planet that I needed to have that level support, coz I’m very sensitive, I’m very—-you know I feel everything, so to have someone who could kind of like keep me in check, keep me humble, that was really important for me.

So, ultimately when you are in those tough places in the journey, I invite you to kind of sink into yourself and remember who you are, remember the love that you are, remember the light that you are. Ask for remembering of why you came to this planet, what your soul mission and you know if you are not getting the answers I could certainly help you with that. I have channeling sections, that’s what we do, we ask for your soul purposes, that help is certainly available for you. Ask, ask these question like “who I’m I? Why I’m I here? What is my soul signature? What is my soul purpose for being here? What is the mastery that I’m working on? What’s in alignment for me?” and to know that you can create your life according to what is aligned for you.

A lot of people when they are talking about manifesting “get the car, the house, the trip to wherever” and if your experience is that you’re not able to manifest those things maybe its because they are not in alignment for you, and to release all the things you think you want and allow your soul to speak, what does your soul want, what’s in alignment for your experience here on this planet from your soul’s perspective and that’s where you find that true bliss, that true joy. There are lots of things that I thought I’d be doing by now in my life that I’m not, that’s okay because I’ve found something so much better, I’ve found my soul desires that instead of living that and that is priceless. I would much rather be living according to my soul’s alignments than satisfying my ego or something like that.

I invite you into that journey – the journey of the soul, and what your soul can tell you and how you can be alleviated in your experience of the spiritual path, because when you are operating from your soul none of the other stuff matters, like—-yes at times I have some fun in manifesting but I’m really asked I don’t even care about that stuff, what I want, what brings me fulfillment is living from my soul, living from my heart desires.

I thank you for joining me on this video and I really want for you, what is best for you, what is best for you from your soul journey from your soul’s perspective, not what I might think you should do in your life but what does your soul want to express to you and what does that look like and how does that feel to you. So I invite you into that frequency, into that feeling of your soul, into that knowing of who you are, at the soul level because that’s where it’s at on this planet right, that’s where where we can access our soul’s desire and live and express those.

Everything changes on this planet, can you imagine if everyone was doing that? That’s why I’m so passionate about the restoring earth to her original condition as heaven because it’s totally possible, absolutely possible but it takes each of us doing our inner work, it takes each one of us on that frequency.

So if you are feeling alone, if you are feeling that you can’t quite figure out how to make that happen, I do invite you to either a one on one session or become a master creator in the master temple because we meet every week online, we get to connect wee get to see each other, you get the guidance and support you need, you get personal channeling, you get activations, DNA activations, heart activations, all kind of things and there is an amazing space that I’ve created for you and so if you resonate with any of those things goto or and just a quick note: At the end of the year, at the beginning of 2018 our prices on a lot of things, a lot of my services are going up, so if have been kind of waiting or feeling like you want to session but you haven’t quite booked it, I would encourage you to that now before the beginning in 2018 and you would get a lower price .

I love you guys thank you again for joining me in this video and I would see you again in the next one. Much love, Muah!